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Welcome to North Valley Swim LLC Private Lifeguards and Swimming Instructors

With deep interest in the promotion of water safety, a team of experienced and talented individuals currently service the San Fernando Valley and neighboring cities for your private lifeguarding and swim instruction needs. North Valley Swim's staff is always on demand, and due to their credentials, enthusiasm, experience that is of absolutely no surprise.

North Valley Swim LLC aims to make your summer as enjoyable and relaxing as can be by providing excellence in service from the moment our Lifeguards and Swimming Instructors walk though your door.

Unconditionally, what they teach is a must in Everyone’s life, and motivating children to “want” to learn is an art. NVS has perfected their Delivery System to a science. Well-done guys!! ” Satisfied Customer

"Every time my son gets in the car all he talks about is going swimming when we get home and what he did in swimming class."
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  CPR / First Aid
  Swimming Instruction
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